Conquer Your Stage Fright (3-hour series)

This series of 3-hour workshops bring the tools of high-performance athletes and artists to business professionals.


Stuttering? Sweating? Rambling? Rushing? Forgetting? Freezing?

This workshop addresses the physical manifestations of performance anxiety. Participants learn just what is—and is not—going on in their bodies during a nervous moment, and are given tools to deal with the physiological aspects of stage fright.

Get Out of Your Way!

Getting in your own way? This workshop demystifies the psychological roots of performance anxiety. Properly understanding the interaction of self-esteem, confidence, and motivation will arm you to get out of your own way.

Learning, Memory, and Optimal Preparation Techniques

Expert delivery is rooted in thorough preparation. Bringing Olympic preparation techniques to your material, this workshop teaches efficient and concentrated preparation, and explores learning and memory as pertinent to a business professional.

Managing Successes and Failures, and Goal-Setting

This workshop helps to bring a balanced and focused approach to career goals, and to manage professional successes and failures along the way.

Deliver With Carnegie Hall Confidence

With mind and material optimally prepared, now bring consistency to delivery. This workshop addresses conveying calmness and confidence to the audience and staying on track with focus and concentration techniques of top-level performers.

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