Conquer Your Stage Fright (full curriculum)

Olympic Preparation Skills + Carnegie Hall Performance Tools = Your Next Business Meeting.

Curriculum Outline

Performance anxiety, or stage fright, can happen to anyone involved in a high-stakes performance; surgeons, pilots, dancers, musicians, or business professionals in leadership roles. Yes, a business presentation can feel as life-and-death stressful as performing surgery.

Developed by a Juilliard-trained professional orchestral musician with formal training in psychology and counselling, the Chisholm Company curriculum addresses the root causes of performance anxiety, effective preparation and learning techniques, and techniques to manage stage fright when it does happen.

The Chisholm Company approach solidifies confidence from the ground up, so that there are fewer stressful situations to begin with, and gives tools to address anxiety when it does happen.

The curriculum includes:

  • Understanding the psychological roots of performance anxiety. Self-esteem, confidence, motivation, dealing with success and failure, self-sabotage. Goal-setting.
  • Preparation. Quality and intensity of preparation, concentration, time management skills, understanding learning and memory as pertinent to learning your material.
  • Focus, concentration, and consistency. Imagery techniques. Body language, conveying calmness and confidence to your audience.
  • Understanding and managing the physical manifestations of performance anxiety. Shaking, sweating, racing heart rate, tight and shallow breathing, lack of focus, muscle tension and fatigue.

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