Group Coaching & Development

For teams, peers, and Employee Resource Groups

Explore the workshops below, or contact me to create material tailored to your organization.

(Videos coming soon for all workshops.)

For all fields:

Video: Presenting in English When English is Not Your First Language Specifically for people whose native language is other than English, who have to present their career material in English.

Flyer: Conquer Your Impostor Syndrome An exploration of self-esteem, confidence. Learn tools from sport & performance psychology to combat self-doubt in high-pressure moments.

Flyer: Bias and Inclusion Using peer-reviewed research to understand the underpinnings of biased thought and behavior, this program equips participants with language and tools to create more inclusive workspaces.

Flyer: Present with Confidence An in-depth look at how to control our Fight/Flight/Freeze response and deliver with confidence.

Flyer: Reflective & Directive Communication in the Workplace Learn to engage in clearer communication through the use of reflective and directive tools.

Flyer: Motivation in Isolation Understand the mechanisms of motivation, and help yourself re-adjust.

Flyer: Introvert Extrovert – Outgoing Shy A workshop for teams and colleagues to bond and to calibrate communication styles in times of isolation.

Flyer: Tune Your Tone Learn to sound more authentic, confident and credible in business interactions.

Flyer: Hone Your Pitch and Presentation Skills

Flyer: Optimal Preparation for Optimal Performance Learn how to prepare like a champion, in order to perform like one.

For financial professionals: (Custom-tailored to your organization; please contact.)

  • Basic Counselling Skills for Financial Professionals
  • Motivational Interviewing and Goal-Setting With Clients

For the legal field: (Custom-tailored to your organization; please contact.)

  • The Performing Lawyer TM  (LSUC CPD-accredited material in Canada)
  • Cool as a Cucumber  Witness Preparation Program