Group Coaching & Development

Explore the workshops below, or contact me to create material tailored to your organization. (Videos coming soon for all workshops.)

For all fields:

Video: Presenting in English When English is Not Your First Language Specifically for people whose native language is other than English, who have to present their career material in English.

Flyer: Present with Confidence An in-depth look at how to control our Fight/Flight/Freeze response and deliver with confidence.

Flyer: Reflective & Directive Communication in the Workplace Learn to engage in clearer communication through the use of reflective and directive tools.

Flyer: Motivation in Isolation Understand the mechanisms of motivation, and help yourself re-adjust.

Flyer: Introvert Extrovert – Outgoing Shy A workshop for teams and colleagues to bond and to calibrate communication styles in times of isolation.

Flyer: Tune Your Tone Learn to sound more authentic, confident and credible in business interactions.

Flyer: Hone Your Pitch and Presentation Skills

Flyer: Optimal Preparation for Optimal Performance Learn how to prepare like a champion, in order to perform like one.

For financial professionals: (Custom-tailored to your organization; please contact.)

  • Basic Counselling Skills for Financial Professionals
  • Motivational Interviewing and Goal-Setting With Clients

For the legal field: (Custom-tailored to your organization; please contact.)

  • The Performing Lawyer TM  (LSUC CPD-accredited material in Canada)
  • Cool as a Cucumber  Witness Preparation Program