Who It’s For

Q: Have you ever wondered what you have in common with an Olympic athlete?


A: Yes! You’re an ace at what you do.

Q: Know what you don’t share with the Olympians?



A: Exactly. The preparation and performance skills you need to deliver your best every time.

We don’t often think of it this way, but nearly every career interaction is a high-stakes performance, and deserves to be prepared for as such.

Have you ever:

  • felt perfectly prepared for professional interactions, only to wish the trap door would open up and swallow you away in the moment?

  • been anxious or unable to eat or sleep properly in advance of important meetings?

  • come away from important events feeling inadequate, embarrassed, or doubting yourself, wishing you’d said something completely different?

  • felt that you delivered a perfectly honourable Silver when in fact you had first rate Gold in your pocket the whole time?

  • felt up against the clock with a deadline for a deliverable, and felt paralyzed into non-productivity?

You’re already capable at what you do; but you may not always deliver it to your fullest potential. Maybe you’re doing just fine, but you’re not feeling great about ‘just fine’.

I help you deliver your excellence consistently.

Have you had proper training on:

  • the mindset required to prevent and manage performance anxiety?

  • how to deliver consistently even when you’re feeling nervous or unsteady?

What can you do? Train as an Olympian would train, and be prepared to deliver your best self any time. That’s where I come in.