What I Do

I help people deal with being nervous in professional situations.

I help people not to shake, sweat, stutter, freeze, hate themselves, panic, forget things, or feel sick when they’re trying to deliver their excellence.

I help people to manage  anxiety and increase their productivity, while feeling great about the work they do and about their career.

How do I do this? I bring the preparation and performance tools of Olympic-level athletes and elite performing artists to your career.

What are those?

You’re already capable at what you do; but you may not always deliver it to your fullest potential. Maybe you’re doing just fine, but you’re not feeling great about ‘just fine’.

I help you deliver your excellence consistently. You could call me a Confidence Coach.

Have you had proper training on:

  • the mindset required to prevent and manage performance anxiety?

  • how to deliver consistently even when you’re feeling nervous or unsteady?

So much of what you go through in your career parallels the high-stakes performances of athletes and professional musicians. As a Juilliard-trained musician with a performing career in symphony orchestras and the opera, I’ve learned plenty about delivering my best when it matters the most. With training in psychology and counselling focusing on sport & performance, I’ve learned how to bring these high-performance skills to other elite performers. That’s you.

Need someone to help you feel as confident as an Olympian? That’s me.