Many people like to see names, titles, and logos of familiar corporations. In Social Psychology, that is called “social proofing”, which basically means that if I was good enough for XYZ Corporation, I am good enough for you. It’s reassuring. I understand that, and in your shoes, it would reassure me, too.

I don’t print that, though, and here is why: I maintain utter confidentiality, and that includes not recording or publishing photos of our workshops, and not printing names or workplaces. Sure, a logo from Big Giant Bank may not breach client confidentiality; but a logo from a small law firm or a solo start-up will—and where would I draw the line? So, no client rosters published here. I share some testimonials with names removed, and occasionally, institutional testimonials with an administrator’s name.

If you need reassurance, I can offer you this: I have been worked with clients from very large financial institutions, broadcasting/media, pharmaceutical, bio-tech research, technology & engineering, health-care, and law, as well as with mid-sized, non-profits, and start-ups. I have also worked extensively with musicians and actors, some of whose resumes have frankly humbled me. If your organization wishes to bring me in and you would like a private reference, be in touch and of course we can arrange that.

If you have any lingering questions, contact me. I’m always happy to help.