About Me

Here you can get to know me through The Short Version, and if you scroll way down, the Third Person Version, which you can use if you are preparing internal marketing for your organization where I will be presenting. If it’s all so fascinating that you can’t wait to read more, please help yourself to the welcoming excerpt from my book, here.

The Short Version:

I am a Juilliard-trained professional orchestral musician. A few years ago, after performing inconsistently during high-stakes auditions, I went back to school to study psychology, physiology, and counselling. I discovered all sorts of nifty things about how not to be nervous.

Wanting to share these techniques with other people who get nervous in their jobs, I created the Master Performing program specifically to help others to prepare for their high-stakes career moments and nail them. I used my own program to helped me to succeed at my dream audition, happily landing a spot in the orchestra of the Canadian Opera Company several years ago. Today, I divide my time between performing in the opera and coaching people in high-stakes performance and communication situations to be confident, prepared, and to deliver their best.

My material brings the preparation tools and performance mindset of elite athletes and performers to professionals in all disciplines. I bring these confidence and performance techniques to people in science, law, technology, finance, and of course, the performing arts.

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The Third-Person Version

Lisa coaches professionals on optimal preparation and performance in high-stakes interactions, with a focus on the prevention and management of stage fright and building confidence. Her unique approach integrates her professional orchestral performing career and formal training in psychology, physiology, and counselling.

She has coached business professionals in preparation for speaking competitions, interviews, marketing conventions, conferences, presentations, pitches, and other high-stakes moments. In the performing arts, she has coached professional orchestral musicians and soloists, and stage, film, and commercial actors.

Combining her elite-level performing experience with a Certificate in Psychology from Ryerson University and an Advanced Counselling Skills Certificate from George Brown College in Toronto, Lisa has developed a curriculum which brings the preparation techniques and mental skills of athletes and performing artists to professionals in all disciplines. Lisa will receive her Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology in May 2022 from Harvard University, Extension School.

Lisa relates personally to the intricacies of high-stakes performance, bringing a performing artist’s perspective to the practitioner’s side of the fence. With orchestral performance training from McGill University (Licentiate Music Diploma, High Distinction in Bassoon) and The Juilliard School (Advanced Certificate and Professional Studies), Lisa is a tenured member of the Canadian Opera Company orchestra.

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