About You

Please enjoy this 2:26 video about… YOU!

You are good at what you do—you would not be in your position if you weren’t. But when you need to deliver in a high-stakes setting, you are not always confident that you can pull it off with polish.

Sometimes you deliver just fine, but the toll it takes on your mind and body is wrenching—and besides, sometimes “just fine” doesn’t cut it. Other times, you plain old under-deliver. That doesn’t cut it, either.

You have struggled with confidence issues or inconsistent performance in your career. Sometimes you fail yourself, sometimes you sweat and shake and panic and practically forget your own name, and sometimes you just wish the trap door would open up and whisk you away from the embarrassment of it all.

You feel frustrated and puzzled, because deep inside, you know that you know this stuff.

If so far any of the colloquial “just relax and you’ll be fine” (you won’t) and “just picture them in their underwear” (you shouldn’t) advice is falling you short, then you’re in good company. It never worked for me, either. If any of this feels familiar, then please let me introduce myself. I’d like to help you. (By the way, that link takes you to the nice serious video. The Secret Fun Video is is 2:17 long, and it’s just below here. Don’t tell  anyone else how to find this one.)